Informatički obrt Brid, Karlovac, Ljudevita Jonkea 4, OIB: 42176326887, Žiro račun: 2340009-1160071375

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Informatički obrt Brid
Ljudevita Jonkea 4, 47000 Karlovac
OIB: 42176326887
Žiro račun: 2340009-1160071375

Dobriša Adamec

Dobriša Adamec

Dobriša Adamec is owner of Brid company working on different projects and building service oriented applications. Many years of experience in writing code, deploying living applications, setting and walking up projects, and building a team are used at today’s specializations: .NET, web applications, web services, interoperability. Leading the Microsoft community DevUG meetup in his hometown Karlovac. Former Microsoft MVP from 2010 to 2018.

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